An equilibrium is missing in the Production, Distribution, Consumption system in the form of sufficient spending power to buy what is produced.

This is made up from new loans or expanded markets which causes friction between companies and then nations

The real Cost of Production is Consumption – energy, raw materials, tools, fixed costs and labour

There is no Debt in nature

Money is a man made system that can be in error

The cultural Inheritance – know how, machinery, advanced control, raw materials – are never credited back to the community as spending power (money) – yet they all go into the Price System

This inheritance is appropriated by the banking fraternity as their own by way of mortgaging against all loans and bonds

The political Left and Right are both working towards revolution, (centralisation of power) yet the Truth would provide an equilibrium in the Price System by issuing of the Money Vote – National Dividend

The Money Vote would give us each Economic Democracy

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